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Choosing to buy local organic produce over crops that contain genetically modified organisms can not only. healthier non-GMO food. on “ Research Paper.Genetically modified organisms have become the world's most controversial food. But the science is more clear-cut when it comes to GMO facts.Elephant Fighting Back Against Tourists Encroaching on Their Territory Is the Ultimate Sign We Have Gone Too Far (VIDEO) Impossible Foods Partners With Food Banks to Bring Plant-Based Protein to Everyone.

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Genetic Roulette: An important documentary on genetic modified foods. From Iris Atzmon. A film by Jeffrey M. Smith. Narrated by Lisa Oz A production of the Institute.

The world’s leading expert on GMOs and their connection to illness has come forward saying non-GMO foods are being sprayed with Glyphosate. There is still a.

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Home of Rachel Parent, GMO Educator and Activist – Raising awareness about the risks of genetically modified organisms in our food and the need for GMO Labeling.Thankfully, health conscious eaters have more options than ever before when it comes to sweetening muffins, cakes, brownies, and every other dessert they might possibly want to indulge in.Cornucopia Institute has information on who is doing what with this most important campaign.

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Genetic Roulette reveals the science and risks of GMOs in the food chain.Finally, get your hands on a copy of the documentary, Genetic Roulette and watch it with friends and family.

Disease-resistant crops do not pose risks for humans. See how this and other myths in Jeffrey Smith’s book Genetic Roulette stack up against peer-reviewed.

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Arpad Pusztai, the leading researcher in this field. (When Dr. Pusztai expressed his concern over GMO issues, he was fired from his job after thirty-five years at a biotech plant.).

And I would suspect that hundreds of thousands have already died from these foods.Want to get some pep back in your step to brave the next snowstorm.Genetic modification also allows for cross-breeding that is far removed from natural hybridization, although manufacturers of these products would have you believe otherwise with their propaganda.DNA and other compounds, like pesticides, are incorporated into organisms for an end purpose.Genetic Roulette - Dangers of GMO Foods by: BOBRENNER2007 [3 videos »] 1,385 Dangers of GMO Foods. gmo,monsanto,food,foods: Email. Link: Embed: Comments.

Genetically Engineered Food News. 1.5K likes. Take action by staying informed and spreading the word about GMOs. Visit.Genetic Roulette The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods by Jeffrey M Smith available in Hardcover on, also read synopsis and reviews.Use your dollar to tell these companies we will settle for no less than the truth.Scared Baby Rhino Refuses to Leave Mother After She Was Shot By Poachers (VIDEO) BYE, DAIRY.

In January of 2011, this important crop was completely deregulated, meaning that there are no restrictions on the growing of GMO, Round-Up Ready alfalfa by Monsanto and no labeling is required. so you, the consumer will have no idea.Lee Ann Mcadoo Interviews Jeffrey M Smith on the Dangers of GMO. His documentaries shattere the biotech industry's claim that genetically modified (GM.Scientists who worked for the FDA came to the overwhelming consensus that GMOs were distinctly different from other crops and could lead to unpredictable and hard-to-detect toxins, allergens, new diseases, and nutritional problems.

As a result, only one in four Americans knows that they have eaten or are eating GMO foods.NON-GMO SHOPPING GUIDE Learn which foods are GMO-free! GENETIC ROULETTE Watch the award-Winning film on the health dangers of GMOs. ROUNDUP RISKS.

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Genetically Modified Organisms. their families and lowering their IQ’s as well by eating this toxic unnatural “food.” Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey.You have a right to know what is in your food! The Non-GMO Shopping Guide is a cooperative effort between the Institute for Responsible Technology. GENETIC ROULETTE.While marketers try to sell us on the concept of GMOs as foods that improve yields, are more nourishing for developing countries struggling with famine, and require less use of toxins to grow them, nothing could be further from the truth.